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We’re a seasoned, curious, passionate, and collaborative bunch who love solving the biggest and hardest problems with our clients. You can get a job anywhere (we’re sure you’re that kind of person) but here isn’t anywhere. Not because we’re cocky – but because we care a lot about the why, what and how of what we do. Come as you are, but come ready to roll up your sleeves and create the impact you’ve always wanted to with your career.

Do Meaningful Work

Have meaningful and positive impacts on real human beings with the life-changing products you design and build here at Medullan

Solve the Toughest Challenges

We dig into the the most complex, urgent and challenging problems facing the healthcare industry

Career Empowerment

Our People-Growth framework enables team members to take control and reach their career goals quickly and efficiently

Our Values

Understand What Really Matters
Who is being impacted and have you incorporated their needs? Actively listen to gain deep and holistic understanding of the challenge at hand.
Be Ambitious, Be Humble
Dream. Aspire to greatness. Be open to the unknown. Be willing to fail and learn. Get outside your comfort zone.
Take Ownership
Ask how you are helping others to grow by encouraging their participation? Trust others, allow them to fail.
Flex Your Ingenuity
How might we disrupt something. Be ingenious, but keep it simple. Don’t let history or “that may not be possible” constrain you.
Be Open, Be Human
Ask yourself how you are building mutual respect and trust. Are you being fair and consistent. How can I give feedback and not put myself or others in a box?

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